Refurbing Manor Farm- #Manchester Council spends £174m to save 631 tonnes of C02 annually

We (1) here at Manchester Climate Monthly towers are not philistines. We do not believe that, as did the planners in 1945, that you should flatten the centres of British cities for the benefit of the almighty motor car.

Castle Grayskul… sorry, Manor Far… sorry, the Town Hall is a crucial part of our heritage.  Where else could Hollywood film its Houses of Parliament interiors, after all?

But it does stick in the craw a little bit when those long-term (35 years, anyone?) residents of CG/MF/Town Hall try to say that the Town Hall refurbishment will save significant amounts of carbon dioxide

Given that it will cost (at least) £175 million, you would have kind of hoped for an annual saving of more than… 631 tonnes of C02.  That’s probably merely a hundred round trip flights to Pakistan, to choose a destination entirely at random.

cost versus refurb




(1) That would be the royal (but Meghan, not Andy) we.  As in me, (Dr) Marc Hudson.


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