XR block 13 Amazon distribution sites, including #Manchester

From an email –

BREAKING NEWS: XR has blocked 13 of Amazon’s biggest fulfilment centres around the UK, as well as some in the Netherlands and Germany, in a Black Friday action. We’re taking a stand against one of the world’s biggest companies, its exploitative business model and the destructive system it represents.

Amazon is committing crimes against the planet and its people. From exploiting its workers and avoiding tax, to sending billionaires into space for fun and emitting the same amount of carbon as a country the size of Denmark – Amazon is responsible for untold crimes.

➡️Read the press release HERE with a full list of Amazon’s Crimes.

➡️Watch the livestream HERE with a view of all the sites around the UK.

This action today is also in solidarity with the Make Amazon Pay campaign where workers and activists are rising up in strikes and protests in oil refineries, factories, warehouses, data centres, and corporate offices in countries across the world.

JOIN US AT THE SITES Come down to a site and show your support. Rebels could be locked on for up to 48 hours and they would love to see some friendly faces, and probably wouldn’t mind some warm food or drink either!​​​​​​​

Doncaster DN4 5JS, Darlington DL1 4PG, Newcastle NE11 0JY, Manchester M90 5AA, Peterborough PE2 9EN, Derby DE74 2BB, Coventry CV5 9FA, Rugeley WS15 1LX, Dartford DA1 5PT, Bristol BS11 0YH, Tilbury RM18 7AN, Milton Keynes MK43 0ZA, Dunfermline KY11 8ST 

You can also see a map of Amazon distributions sites here to find your closest one (note: we’re at all the red pins on the map).
Love and Rage,
Extinction Rebellion UK

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