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Not #Manchester-based; Petition to save the Arctic — Greenpeace versus Lego (yes, Lego!)

Hi, LEGO are rattled. First our video was removed from Youtube. Hours later, it was put back after thousands of us voiced our outcry! But LEGO are still refusing to meet us. So in 4 days, undercover LEGO agents will … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: Alaska Senate candidate in who can deny #climate change the most bid…

You wouldn’t dare make this stuff up if you were a satirist. Too outlandish. Holy cow, what a stoopid species. From here.

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Do Polar Bears sh*t in the Arctic? And what does it teach us about #climate?

Is nothing sacred?  Does not our poor Polar Bear even get to take a crap in privacy??  Apparently not, 🙂

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The #IPCC report, #Chomsky and the future of the species beyond #Manchester

Today there will be an entirely predictable and pointless media circus.  Well, there will be several – every day brings new clowns, jugglers and high-wire acts. Today though, the fifth assessment report of the United Nations’ “IPCC” climate body will … Continue reading

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“Dark Snow falls in Copenhagen”; #food #climate and the #Arctic

Manchester chef Jules Bagnoli reports from an inspiring gathering of foodies in Denmark. When Nobel award winning Professor Jason Box bounced onto MAD3‘s woodland stage, freshly mown by the teeth of the previous speaker, forager Roland Rittman, the mainly chef … Continue reading

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Comment is useful – Guardian readers on south west UK flooding

Newspaper writes story about extreme weather events. Commenter says “it’s to do with climate change”. Someone (in this case someone who is “@SoAnnoyed”) says “natural cycles/normal variation” or some such theoretically plausible tosh. Other commenters pile in with supplementary information, … Continue reading

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Ready For A Deep Freeze?

The article below appeared on the front cover of Manchester Climate Monthly #10 (click on the image on the right to get through to it). We publish it today because a) articles like this have appeared about a potentially cold … Continue reading

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