Barclays Bank #climate protest, Sat 25th May #Manchester

Manchester Momentum joined with XR and other environmental supporting groups on Saturday 25th May as part of international action targeting Barclays bank. Barclays was the target as they are the worst bank in Europe for funding the fossil fuel industry, including supporting Fracking.

barclays die inThis was Momentum’s second action against Barclays over recent months.
After an inspiring national conference call where Momentum activists heard from youth strikers, a group of organisers planned the local action together. The Daily Mail reported on the action prior to 25th May referring to us as “yobs”, which was particularly amusing due to some local organisers being retired, or parents with toddlers. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell vocally supported the action against Barclays causing some outrage in the press.

barclays die in 2We met with XR activists who organised a “die in” lasting an hour, which attracted attention from members of the public. I had my son with me, which was difficult as he will not stay still and is potty training! But I connected with several parents who are concerned about the climate chaos we all face, as well as other local people who can see the damage we are doing to all our futures due to the system we live in. Some were politically motivated, others were not.
We decided that our action was primarily to raise awareness of the issues in Manchester, and make clear that Barclays bank are playing a role by investing heavily in fossil fuels.
barclays die in 3
If you would like to be involved with further events organised by Momentum contact details can be provided so that you can join our WhatsApp or Facebook groups.


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