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Album review: Anohni ‘It’s only 4 degrees’

Best song about climate change? It wasn’t, until recently, an honour that meant much. Excluding witty reinterpretations of old favourites (no ‘Here Comes The Sun’), the barrier had been set particularly low. Most musicians can sound less pious than ‘Love … Continue reading

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Kevin Anderson – review “Beyond the Flood” and interview

Prof Kevin Anderson is a Manchester institution (or should be instutionalised).  Here’s an account of a recent talk he gave at the Friends Meeting House. Here’s a recent video And here is his review of Leornardo DiCaprio’s film Before the Flood … Continue reading

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Theatre Review: “Climate of Fear”

Climate change is a toxic subject for theatre. It’s not going to bring in large audiences, star performers or supply a catchy show name to put up in lights. More likely, it will further whiten and age the crowd, sprinkling … Continue reading

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Film Review: “Do the Math” (showing this Sunday, 16th June in Rusholme!)

Ahead of Sunday 16th’s showing of “Do the Math,” MCFly reader Nicola Brennan, who went to an earlier screening, tells us what she thought… 1. Is the film exciting? I would say exciting isn’t the right word, though stimulating as … Continue reading

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Film Review: “Chasing Ice” @CornerhouseMcr in #Manchester – #climate and #weare(damp)toast …

The most important moments in this 80 minute documentary about the top of the world well, melting, come right at the beginning. So far right at the beginning that, if you are on autopilot, or if you are watching it … Continue reading

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