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Culture, behaviour, #climate change; an anthropologist speaks… #Manchester #mcrclimateplan

Dr Hannah Knox (see Sept 2012 interview here), very kindly answered the curliest questions we could think of on the subject of a “low carbon culture.” Engaging people in the creation such a culture is the second goal of the … Continue reading

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Professor Kevin Anderson on science, silence and ‘neutrality’ #Manchester #climate

Following on from his comments on shale gas and civil disobedience, Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre has given a robust defence of scientists’ involvement in policy debates. Speaking to Manchester Climate Monthly on 17th December, the climate expert … Continue reading

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Professor Kevin Anderson on shale gas, civil disobedience and Barton Moss #Manchester #climate

[Update 23rd Dec – see also Prof Anderson on science, silence and ‘neutrality‘] Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre on why shale gas – with or without fracking – is a very bad idea. At the 3 minute mark … Continue reading

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#IPCC 5th Assessment Report as… haiku! #Genius #climate communication! #Manchester version to follow…

A haiku, for those who don’t know, is is a very short form of Japanese poetry. According to “Sightline Daily: News & Views for a Sustainable NorthWest” (US of A!) “Housebound with a rotten cold one recent weekend, Greg Johnson … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine Blade blocks #fracking test site. #IGas #BartonMoor #climate #Manchester

Read the press release here. According to a tweet from the nodashforgas people “Amongst the 50 pple on the #BartonMoss blade blockade today were #blacklisted construction workers. Climate and trade union activists unite!”

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Off-topic and a bit philosophical: Is it possible to #changehow nothing changes?

While I brew a post about the nature of successful feedback, clock this piece of cynicism. There should also perhaps be a paragraph that says “Can see that change needs to happen, have the motivation, try and then get demotivated … Continue reading

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Video: “From Grey to Green” – #Manchester #biodiversity and participatory science

From Grey to Green PDFs of the spotter sheets can be downloaded from the “Resources” tab on the website:

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University of #Manchester “makes a difference” #climate #sustainability

This. MCFly will tumble for ya. Four things a) good news on Manchester Climate Monthly??  Shurely shome mishtake b) Don’t mention the People and Planet league table in which U of M plummeted .[ See here for their same-day response … Continue reading

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Upcoming event: “Plant an idea” in the Northern Quarter, #Manchester Fri 20th Sept

Friends of the Earth – Friday 20th September is International PARK(ing) Day where creative cities look to the future. Manchester Friends of the Earth is inviting people to join with citizens in cities around the world who will be transforming … Continue reading

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My 5 minute “Is a low carbon energy future possible?” spiel #Manchester #doomed #climate

I witnessed a catastrophe on Thursday night (5th September), and then wasted several hours of my life (no refund possible) writing about it. In that piece, mostly a run-down (harhar) of what each panellist said, I briefly imagined myself as … Continue reading

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