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Prof Kevin Anderson at Carbon Coop AGM #Manchester #climate

Professor Kevin Anderson (see January interview part 1, part 2 and part 3) speaking at the Carbon Coop AGM a couple of months ago. Carbon Co-op AGM 2015 – Kevin Anderson from Carbon Co-op on Vimeo. And here is the … Continue reading

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Video: On anxiety management, social class and who feels comfortable at “top-down” meetings

The first four minutes of this are kinda reasonable. The last three minutes add a bit (including some qualifications and disclaimers and so on). Many thanks to Justin Hellings for helping make this – he (and others?!) will soon be … Continue reading

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Video: Ask the People of #Manchester petitioning + bonus rant on “consultation”

The petition, if you haven’t signed, is here. If you have signed/can’t sign because you don’t live work or study in Manchester, please share it with your friends, email it etc etc The website for “Ask the People of Manchester” … Continue reading

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Video: Staggering animation of Man’s “relationship” with Nature. Think “Wall-E” mashed up by William Burroughs…

Three and a half minutes of awe-inspiringness, from Steve Cutts*. * “Steve is a London based freelance artist, ‘specializing’ in animation, illustration and fine art. After studying fine art at Farnham University, he progressed to the position of in-house illustrator … Continue reading

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Video Review: Top 10 Myths of Behaviour Change

Laurence Menhinick watches a 30 minute video on behaviour change and comes away impressed… “ People just don’t care and are too lazy to do anything about climate change” “All it needs to work is regulations or incentives” “We need … Continue reading

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