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Guest post: Thinking the unthinkable #runawayclimate #nuclear #doomed

This is a guest post, with all the usual disclaimers. Thinking the Unthinkable Today we are standing at the edge of the abyss facing 2 existential threats, runway climate change and nuclear war. These are the flip sides to the … Continue reading

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Exhibition: “The Toxic Camera and Atomgrad (Nature Abhors a Vacuum)”

Exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery : Jane and Louise Wilson’s The Toxic Camera and Atomgrad (Nature Abhors a Vacuum); also featuring Vladimir Shevchenko’s Chernobyl: A Chronicle of Difficult Weeks film (1987) My first reaction to an arts exhibition about … Continue reading

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Getting kids to save energy, or, “Nuclear Power Kills!!”

Getting people to cut their energy usage can be tough.  “Behaviour change” this, “moral exhortation” that, “carbon literacy” up the wazoo.  Well, from now on, we at MCFly are going to use the following technique to convince all the children … Continue reading

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