Campaign Update: Friends of the Earth’s Final Demand

MCFly invited Ali Abbas of Friends of the Earth Manchester to tell us about FoE’s “Final Demand” campaign.

The Big Six energy companies have a lot to answer for.

Public anger has been growing as record prices, with average annual bills topping £1,300 for the first time, are matched by record profits, up from £15 per dual-fuel customer in June to £125 in October.

But it’s not just about the one in four UK households who won’t be able to afford to heat their homes properly this winter.

These same energy companies are lobbying hard for permission to build a new generation of gas- and coal-fired power stations, which could cost the average household an extra £300 per year by 2020 as fossil fuel prices continue to rise.

That’s why Friends of the Earth has launched its Final Demand campaign.

It’s time to break the stranglehold of the Big Six over our energy system, and to break our addiction to fossil fuels. It’s time to invest in clean, renewable energy and in cutting energy waste. It’s time to give individuals, communities and businesses the support they need to take power into their own hands.

Friends of the Earth is calling for urgent action to stop the Government killing off small, clean energy providers, and a full public inquiry into the Big Six’s power over consumers and influence over politicians.

To join the campaign, visit
Ali Abbas

Manchester Friends of the Earth has regular meetings at the Green Fish Resource Centre on Oldham St. Visit their website for more details.

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