Startling confession from Manchester Town Hall

The leader of Manchester City Council since before some MCFly readers were born, Richard Leese, has a blog, imaginatively titled “The Leader’s Blog.”(1)

In the latest post, he mentions

Heating in the old Town Hall is either on or off, takes a week to fully switch on, and equally takes a week to fully switch off. It’s currently on on the basis of a long range weather forecast that said we were going to have an extreme cold spell in October and of course exactly the opposite has happened leading to every window in the place being wide open in an attempt to keep the temperature down. Not very environmentally sustainable and not very pleasant to be in, so one of our many tasks will be to see how we can retrofit a more efficient heating system given the constraints of a Grade 1 listed building.

To head off a flurry of rude comments from aggrieved eco-worriers, the Crumpsall crusader adds later in the same post that:

Later today I’m on the train (2) to London to speak at a Friends of the Earth event entitled “Councils, Communities and Climate Change”. Manchester’s climate change action plan (3) already commits the city to a 41% reduction in green house gas emissions by 2020. We have been an active supporter of FoE’s call for a national system of carbon budgets and today I will be supporting their call for the Committee on Climate Change to advise specifically on the scale and type of action needed in local authority areas to help meet each Climate Change Act national carbon budget, and for government to deliver an annual progress report to parliament which must include consideration of the need for a climate change duty and more support for councils.

Giveth and taketh away, taketh away and giveth…

(1) We still await the launch of “The Exec Member for the Environment’s Blog”…

(2) Train?! What’s this, a snub to Manchester Airport?! Shurely shome mistake

(3) That’d be “A Certain Future”, endorsed by fewer than 250 of the planned 1000 organisations. And with delivery plans actually written by two organisations (the Council itself and Northwards Housing).

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1 Response to Startling confession from Manchester Town Hall

  1. Patrick Sudlow says:

    I do not know how he expects to reduce the City’s carbon emissions, when they are allowing a rash of illuminated and motorised advertisement hoarding all over the City? And the town hall annexe is lit up, inside and out 24/7?

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