Friends of the Earth “Election” shocker

After bitterly-fought contests in which mud was slung and babies were kissed … No, but seriously; Manchester Friends of the Earth held its Annual General Meeting and Christmas Social tonight. No mud was slung, nor babies kissed.

The event was held at Bistro 187, a vegetarian joint a tofu throw away from Manchester Art Gallery. After a treasurer’s report (situation healthy), a membership report (situation probably very healthy, though “if your membership is due, please pay up”), elections were held over the starters (the soup was lovely). In the same way that your legs are just long enough to reach the ground, there were just enough candidates for each “seat.”

Group co-ordinators are Colette Humphrey and Cat Thomson (narrowly keeping their jobs(1)), joined by Pete Abel, formerly an employee of Shell Oil Company.

Group Treasurer responsibilities will be shared – until April, by Dave Coleman and Rhian Jenkins.

The membership Officer is Ali Abbas , the newsletter editor is Damian Cross ad the Web Officer is Alex Lee.

After main course (2) the re-elected co-ordinators Cat and Colette gave a quick overview of the previous year’s activities and spoke of the coming year. Nationally FoE are continuing the Final Demand campaign (see guest blog post by Ali Abbas about that here), doing a campaign on bees, and another on greener products.
Locally FoE will continue its cycling campaigning, promoting “Manchester: A Certain Future” and also work on shale gas extraction (aka “fracking hell!!”)
FoE are always looking for new volunteers, and have regular meetings through the month, which you can find out about via the newly-overhauled Manchester FoE website. If you can’t go to meetings, or are allergic to them, then you could always email them…

Marc Hudson

(1) Unanimously
(2)The chestnut thingie was nice, but I was reminded of the joke – Waiter: How did you find your steak, sir?
Man: I just moved a couple of peas and there it was)

Disclaimer: To gasps of incredulity – including from himself – Marc Hudson recently became a paid-up card-carrying member of Friends of the Earth. He absolutely stands by all those things he wrote about FoE being “crushingly reformistic,” but it is hardly FoE’s fault that Manchester lacks the radical flank effect that would make the likes of FoE so much more effective.

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