Event Report: AfSL celebrates

Action for Sustainable Living, the Manchester-based charity that well… the-clue-is-in-the-name, held a “thanks and aren’t our volunteers really cool” event (1) tonight. It was at Platt Chapel , and in covering it we are in no way influenced by the free plonk and free food and general good vibe.

After time for mingling, the evening started with a brief (2) intro, then another intro and then a series of “Pecha Kucha” presentations. Via this, the audience of just under 100 got to learn more about various interesting sounding projects, not least Didsbury Dinners (who have already arm-twisted us into running a story about their work, which continues this Sunday, 22nd, if you’re free) and the Fallowfield Secret Garden Project, which is doing a big community thing in late May. (Just to be confusing, the chap leading on it is one letter removed in name from MCFly wonder-cartoonist Marc Roberts).

After some awards to lots of “Local Project Managers” the Manchester Community Choir then led into the networking break with some pretty amazing singing (I’m basically tone-deaf, and even I could tell it was fab).

Free grub and free plonk (3) and good music; no wonder many AfSL staff had a spring in their step and big smiles on their faces. Couldn’t be any other reason, could there?

In other unrelated news, there may be a job opportunity at AfSL soonish. We’ll let you know.

Marc Hudson

(1) The event was not billed as a “forum“, so guess what – no gratuitous and “negative” kicking from MCFly. It’s almost as if we only get annoyed when groups do the ol’ “bait-and-switch” of advertising one thing and delivering another.

(2) Insert arch Dororthy Parker gag here.

(3) MCFly may have accidentally liberated a cheap bottle of white. Just sayin’. (Marc is teetotal, but Arwa – boff – she drinks like a fish…) Update: Duly returned to rightful owner, unopened.


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5 Responses to Event Report: AfSL celebrates

  1. Josh says:

    Thanks for the lack of negativity Marc. Hope you met some positive and inspiring people while you were there. Booze and food thanks to the BIG Lottery definitely seemed to make the whole event settle well with attendees. Good to have you there

    • Hello Josh,
      Good to have a public statement of satisfaction with the post from you.
      It was good to be there. As for “lack of negativity,” well, the first footnote covers that – the event was advertised as something, and it delivered that. Therefore no reason to be “negative”. Readers with far too much time on their hands may want at this point to click on this link – https://manchesterclimatemonthly.net/about/negativity/
      Finally, in putting in a link to the SMEF #4 event post,I see that I did not respond to your comment on it. I don’t remember why I didn’t, but it was certainly wrong of me not to have done so. If I get the time in the coming weeks, I will do so. When is the next SMEF?

      • Josh says:

        No worries. I look forward to your reply when you get a chance.

        Re SMEF. March’s SMEF was a great success thanks largely to it’s organiser, Mary Lee, one of our fantastic volunteer Interns. Much appreciated for the promotion you have it.

        Someone from AfSL’s Green Seeds team (greenseeds@afsl.org.uk) will be announcing plans for the next event in coming weeks so watch this space.

        As you may have heard, I’m leaving AfSL in May to work at Southway Housing on their exciting work around energy retrofit, behaviour and supported volunteering. I’ll keep you posted on any interesting developments you might wish to cover.


  2. Josh says:

    PS Marc – whose opinions did you poll to inform your caustic comment re other reasons staff might have ‘a spring in their step and big smiles etc?

    Not sure they’re as representative as you make out but happy to learn from your ‘intelligence’.

    Do expand. I’m ready for it 😉


  3. Jo Wilkes says:

    Thank you for the great review about our event however on behalf of AfSL we would like it noted that any insinuation that the staff had ‘smiles on their faces and a spring in there step’ due to a position becoming available within the organisation is the opinion of manchester climate monthly NOT due to any comment or feelings from AfSL members. 

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