Off-topic: #Chorlton Players Sketch Show reviewed

If you’re looking for a fun night of wry smiles and occasional belly laughs, then your search is over; Chorlton Players have put together a highly enjoyable “Home Grown Hotpot” of comedy sketches about techno-mugging, cross-species swinging and electric tooth-brushes (!?) and much much more. There is not even a single mention (to this burnt-out editor’s relief) of impending ecological meltdown*, concatenating social crises or – scariest of all – bureaucratic intransigence in Manchester Town Hall. The closest the show ever got to “worthy” was a (very funny) “anti-racist intervention” in the midst of a full-scale Zombie Apocalypse.

From the running-gag silent film and the Health-and-Safety-Gone-Mad Announcement that open the show, through two intervals, to the Murder-in-the-Secluded-Country-House spoof at the end, this show moves fast enough and with enough skilled acting to paper over the occasional dud or over-extended sequence.

Of particular note were the “Mr Benn” sketches. A brilliantly-acted hapless Mr Benn is at the mercy of an equally pitch-perfect passive-aggressive narrator, two thoroughly unpleasant children and “fancy dress shop”-owner. Think the Matrix on acid, as scripted by Michael Frayn, and you’re coming close to the hilarity and pathos.

Sadly, the show is only on for one more night, tomorrow (well, “today” by the time you read this!)

It’s at St Werbugh’s Church Hall, Saturday 2nd June, 7.30pm.   Tickets on the door, £6/£4

Marc Hudson

* btw; if the whole “we as a species are in really deep trouble” schtick floats your boat, local scientist Professor Kevin Anderson is doing a free seminar on the very subject on Thursday 21 June…

Full Disclosure: Marc Hudson knows one of the actors (Brian Candeland) socially. And is planning to pitch his climate change panto (Cinderella re-mixed) to the Chorlton Players after their AGM.

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