Event Report: Abundant fun with Climate Survivors

Lovely food (albeit French) from Unicorn Grocery. Tuneful music from some local singers (albeit in Spanish).  And a cleverly-managed “speed dating” to follow that, where about as many pairs of people got to spend a couple of minutes talking as could possibly be squeezed into the time slot.  There are far worse ways to be spending your Sunday – trust me on this.
The Climate Survivors group has been going for a couple of years. To quote from the “who, what, why, how”  piece we asked them to write

We are here because we are concerned about our home, the Earth. We run open meetings about once a month. They are free-form meetings, without strict agendas. It’s up to the participants what we talk about. We can have one big discussion, or a few smaller ones. The discussions can help us learn, or can be used to help solve a problem, or can be about taking practical action. Some of us think it’s important to talk about feelings as well as practicalities, but it’s not compulsory. On more than one occasion our discussions have resulted in action, for example running awareness-raising film events.

This event, held at the Brow House in Fallowfield will surely – and rightly – be regarded as a success by its organisers.  I’d be repeating myself if I said the food was great, the music was great (even to the semi-tone deaf among us)  and the 8 or so conversations with virtual strangers invigorating and inspiring, but it bears repeating.

Is this sort of activity going to help Manchester hit its two climate change action action plan headline goals?
Well, it’s hard to say with the first goal –

To reduce the city of Manchester’s emissions of C02 by 41% by 2020, from 2005 levels;

But on the second goal –

To engage all individuals, neighbourhoods and organisations in Manchester in a process of cultural change that embeds ‘low-carbon thinking’ into the lifestyles and operations of the city.

we would steer our readers towards the view that the Climate Survivors’ effort is already superior to certain other more official groups in the city.  But that’s maybe damning the Survivors with faint praise…

MCFly hopes to be able to report an announcement from Climate Survivors that they are planning to run a similar event later this year.  In the meantime, it’s up to another survivor – Gloria Gaynor – to close out this post.

Marc Hudson


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