Newsflash: Annual Carbon Budget to be released in September

Manchester City Council will publish its second Annual Carbon Budget in late August. The budget will then be scrutinised by a committee of 18 15 councillors, before being signed off by the Council’s 9-member Executive on Wednesday 12th September.

The Council, which has committed to a 41% reduction of its carbon dioxide emissions by 2020, has made this announcement in response to a question from Manchester Climate Monthly.  Two weeks ago we pointed out that the carbon reductions targets were not on the agenda for the July 2012 meeting of the Executive, a change from the previous year. [Executive indecision: carbon budgets off the agenda.]

The budget will appear on the Council’s website on or about Wednesday 29th August, a week before it is discussed at the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee.  MCFly will publish analysis of the document, and encourage its readers to contact any of their councillors who happen to sit on the committee with questions and comments. It will then go to Executive the following week, for what is, generally, a nodding-through with obligatory self-congratulation.

Both the Scrutiny Commitee meeting and the Executive meeting will take place at Manchester Town Hall. They are open to the public, with no booking required. MCFly will be encouraging people to attend.  More on these meetings, and the councillors involved, in the coming weeks.

Marc Hudson

UPDATE 31st July 2012: We’ve just gone and had a look at the Forward Work Programme of the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee, which was put up in July. There’s a very curious anomaly in the bit that we’ve grabbed (see below).
The box is for the Tuesday 4th September meeting, but the text (we’ve underlined it in red, just to be super-helpful) clearly indicates that the original intention was for the report to be presented in July, ahead of the July 25th Executive meeting. Someone has done a cut and paste from the box for the July meeting of the Scrutiny Committee, but hasn’t modified the date of the Exec meeting. Digital palimpsests are so revealing!*
We have asked a press officer at the Council a few questions about this. We will let you know what reply we get…

*Yes, we know we should get out more.


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