#Manchester Friends of the Earth “Powering the Future” event: (Damian) Cross post

A couple of weeks ago Manchester Friends of the Earth* held a public meeting with lots of knowledgeable speakers and a question and answer session. FoE member Damian Cross very promptly put up an event report, which we’ve only just seen. Here’s the start of it, with a link to the rest. This sort of thing – doing a quick write-up so that people who weren’t able to be at an evening event can still benefit from it – is precisely what we all need to be doing more of.**

How many ways can we make progress towards a sustainable energy future? Lots of them, as Damian found out at the latest of Manchester FOE’s ‘Big Tuesday’ events, hosted by the group at the Green Fish Resource Centre.

The title of this event was “Powering the future”. We explored this from four angles: campaigning, energy generation, retrofitting and knowledge sharing.

Ali Abbas speaks at our Clean British Energy public meeting (3) The first of these was covered by Manchester FOE’s Ali Abbas, who gave an overview of the Clean British Energy campaign, showing us how we have to move from the present situation, with most of our electricity coming from gas and coal, to a low-carbon energy mix in 2030 dominated by offshore and onshore wind, solar and other renewables….

read the rest of it here

* Disclaimer: MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson is currently a paid-up member of Friends of the Earth.

** So props to FoE, who, perhaps not coincidentally, have signed the “Meetings Charter“.


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