Greater #Manchester #climate communications; LIP service, or the real deal? Time will tell. #AGMA

What’s a “PLATFORM”? It’s a new solve-all-your-problems climate communications portal, coming soon(ish) to an internet browser near you. Maybe.

It was first alluded to in a blog post about the Steering Group’s February 2013 meeting (1)

Now the details can be told. It’s going to be an all-singing and all-dancing website. Just like (was going to be).

Here’s what a report (2) that will be discussed at Monday 4th March’s “Low Carbon Hub” meeting has to say

… for wider engagement between the Hub and the extended range of stakeholders the intention is to share appropriate content on the proposed GM Local Interaction Platform.
“Platform” is an online news source and two-way information portal for sustainability and low carbon issues. It takes the form of an online “brochure” and will include policy documents, intelligence, articles, events and blogs for debate within GM.
“Platform” has previously been demonstrated to the group. “Platform” is being funded in its first iteration by Creative Concern, the University of Salford and Mistra Urban Futures as part of a wider Greater Manchester programme examining urban sustainability in a number of global city regions, including Greater Manchester. Platform will enable GM to learn from and share the experience of other cities and other countries. A “test” (beta) site will be developed by March and the intention is to convene an editorial board to further develop the project.

MCFly readers may recall the University of Salford as responsible for the epic and still-spoken of success that was the “Sustainable Stories” exhibition last November. With a track record like that, what can possibly go wrong?

MCFly says: We remember hearing (repeatedly) about how the Environment Commission was going to have an all-singing all-dancing website and communications strategy. Never happened. Who knows, maybe it will be different this time. The new boss of this particular project deserves the benefit of the benefit of the doubt. Time will tell.

(1) These are meetings of “stakeholders” to which the only people able to attend are… the self-appointed and unelected steering group. If you’re an actual stakeholder, you can’t attend. And no, you can’t see the actual minutes either, just whatever blurb they choose to release.. That’s how democracy and transparency work in this city. And pointing this out is _really unhelpful_ and shows you have standards that are too exacting.


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  1. Why do they not follow the ‘best practice’ model of East Midlands: The East Midlands initiative started in Nottingham in 2000 and is achieving something, were as in Greater Manchester it is all just ‘hot air’.

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