#Climate Local? It better not be deja vu all over again… #Manchester promises…

UPDATE: The image we use here is a screengrab from the latest Low Carbon Hub Bulletin.

climatelocalsignedSo, at the Greater Manchester “Low Carbon Hub” meeting last Friday (1) one of the items for agreement will have had a certain familiarity.  You see, 11 years ago a Northern city led the way on local action on climate change, with a rousing “Declaration.”  I refer, of course, to.. Nottingham.

And Manchester signed up to this declaration.  And Manchester also stated that it aimed to be the Greenest City in the UK by 2010.  And Manchester had “Manchester is My Planet” (RIP).   And Manchester has a “stakeholder” climate plan.  Yes, all of it wonderful.

But these dreams – like so many – cost money. And if there’s no money, well, what is a bureaucrat/politician to do but re-brand the promise and re-announce it.

So, we have the joy now of “Climate Local”…

In September 2012, GMCA agreed to participate in the Local Government Associations’ (LGA) Climate Local initiative which asks authorities to pledge their commitment to tackling climate change and identify some ‘pledges’ of actions they will undertake.
Based on the principle that the content of the commitment did not exceed already agreed priorities, GMCA agreed to delegate oversight of the final drafting and agreement of the commitment to the AGMA and Low Carbon Hub Chair.  (emphasis added).

And we spotted that there’s a conference next week about this down south.  So we asked the Green City Team for a comment. As is their wont, they referred us to the Press Office (2). They obliged with the following –

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Council’s executive member for the environment, said: “A representative from Greater Manchester is attending the conference and will feed back information from the event to AGMA authorities including Manchester.”

A “representative”?.  From Manchester City Council or the colonies? A pollie or bureaucrat?  We have asked for clarification and, should it come, we shall let you know.

Marc Hudson

(1) See this post – which went up on Saturday, after MCFly co-editor read most of the meeting papers on the stepper at t’gym on Thursday.  See “News at Six” in the latest MCFly, #15, for further info.

(2) Though, curiously, not every councillor thinks we are journalists. Go figure.


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