Professor Kevin Anderson joins 21st century! Website, twitter!! #manchester #climate @KevinClimate

Professor Kevin Anderson – who will be speaking to the Economy Scrutiny Committee of Manchester City Council on Weds May 22nd – has dragged himself kicking and screaming into the 21st century. This below just landed in the MCFly inbox, on its way to the trash…

kevinandersontwitterDear All,
After some cajoling I’ve swapped my preference for post boxes and pigeons for this new-fangled IT revolution and have set up a website where I’ll be posting papers, articles, presentations etc that I’ve written or given. In addition I now have a twitter account where I’ll link to new posts and commentaries that I’ll be putting on the website – amongst a few other things



The website URL is and I can be followed on twitter at @KevinClimate  (I’ll be changing the photo – too many whippet and ferret comments!)
Apologies if this email is unhelpfully clogging your account – and I hope you don’t think such self advertising is too cheeky!Feel free to pass the above links on – or just send to the trash.

Kind regards

See a couple of recent posts about Kevin here –

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