Leader of Green Party interviewed by #Manchester #climate Monthly @TheGreenParty

natalie-bennett_3709Natalie Bennett, the new leader of the Green Party, recently visited Manchester. As well as meeting community groups, engaging with the GM Poverty Commission and taking part in a public meeting, she found time for an interview with a local climate journalist.

In a wide-ranging discussion she sought to lay out the Greens’ vision for the UK, the thorny subject of aviation, and exactly how the Green Party can help local campaigners fight local battles locally. Given a time machine, she also travelled back to 2008 and forward to 2030

The full transcript is to be found here.

Image: Lifted from Lewes green party website.

Please note: Manchester Climate Monthly is non-partisan. We’ve interviewed Ed Miliband (back in the day), and also local councillors from Labour and the Lib Dems.  (There are no Tories in Manchester, which is a sad sad state of affairs).  The editors of Manchester Climate Monthly are not members of any political party.

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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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3 Responses to Leader of Green Party interviewed by #Manchester #climate Monthly @TheGreenParty

  1. Mark says:

    Do you really mean it ‘is a sad state of affairs’ that there are no Tories in Manchester (not quite true, but I suppose you mean as elected representatives)? I take the point that an effective opposition would keep our Labour council on its toes, but it needs to be radical, socialist and ecologically minded, helping amplify those tendencies and opposing the neoliberal and growth-obsessed reflexes that we sadly see so much of. The Tories have nothing to offer as the record of this government shows us.

    • Forgive me, I was in an ironic mood. The Tories – at least any I have heard from/of – have nothing to offer. Intermittently someone at a national level like Gummer or Tim Yeo will say something sensible, proving that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Whatever happened to Zac Goldsmith? But no, the Tories in Manchester – well, my experience of them has been unfortunate to say the least. The last time we tried to engage them, in 2010, they said they would turn up to a pre-election hustings and then they pulled out at the last minute, i.e. didn’t get the bad press of looking like people who don’t give a damn about defending their ridiculous views in public, but don’t actually turn up to try to do so. Thoroughly contemptuous and contemptible.

      The Greens, a long time ago, used to call the three main parties the “grey” parties. Maybe they still do. But I personally don’t see a lot of evidence of the sort of radical thinking that is needed from them. Maybe I am not looking hard enough in the right places?

      Marc Hudson (speaking in a personal capacity – i.e. we’d interview a Tory if ever they got themselves elected locally (and turning coat from the Lib Dems doesn’t count, not that that is an option any more!!)

  2. Mark says:

    Oh good, I thought you’d lost it!

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