Write to Michael Gove about his plans to remove #climate change from the under 14s curriculum

I got this email below from the folks at change.org. The facepalm polar bear is MCFly’s contribution…

polarbearstupidiswinning“Firstly, a massive thank you to each and every one of you for signing my petition asking Michael Gove to halt his plans to remove climate change from the national curriculum!

“I’ve been overwhelmed by your support and we’ve already sent him a really strong message, with more than 24,000 of you adding your names to the petition. Plus the campaign has been picked up by the media, including:

– A blog from me in The Guardian

– An article on me, you and all the petition signers’ joining the campaign

– A comment piece on climate change leadership and the campaign

– I also recorded this short video explaining why I think we must keep climate change in the curriculum.

“The next step is to get more people signing the petition ahead of the big hand-in on the 15th of April — the day before the consultation closes. Please can you help by asking all your friends and family to sign the petition this weekend? Just forward the email below.

“Thank you so much again for all your support, I couldn’t do this without you! I’ll be in touch again next week with some more ways you can help with the campaign. Until then, have a lovely Easter!


Esha Marwaha

— Email to forward to your friends —


Have you heard that Michael Gove, Minister for Education, is planning to remove the study of climate change for all children under 14?

Climate change is the most pressing and threatening issue facing us and it will be the youth of today who feel the impacts greater than any generation before. We must keep climate change in our curriculum in order for young people to be skilled and informed to take on this challenge.

Over the next two weeks Gove is asking the public what we think – that’s why I’ve signed a petition started by Esha, a 15 year old secondary school student, who is calling on Gove to keep climate on the curriculum.

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