Questions to #Manchester Cty Council re: Steering Group chair, elections #climate

Dear [council officer],

re: appointment of a chair – any chair – to the Steering Group.

As you are aware, the advert for the the chair of the Steering Group went out many moons ago, and at the end of the initial period the only application was one from me and Arwa.  Sadly and unexpectedly, after the deadline was extended, we were not short-listed, even though there were only a total of three applications.  You wrote to us a week ago informing us that

“Councillor Nigel Murphy is a member of the panel in his capacity as a member of the Steering Group and was responsible for short-listing and interviewing the candidates for the role of Chair along with two other members of the Steering Group. However, as these other members worked in a voluntary capacity.”

So, we have a few questions:

The interviews were held at the very least a week ago.   Has someone been appointed?  If so, why has there been a delay in making a public announcement to this effect? (There is no announcement on the official website).

If no appointment has been made, why not?  Was neither short-listed candidate suitable?  Was the job offered but then declined?
And if not, what happens next – will the job be re-advertised, or is some other plan about to be implemented?

And finally, on a related matter
When will the elections to the Steering Group be held, as per the tender that has gone out

All best

Marc Hudson

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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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