Upcoming Event: “Carbon Literacy for Businesses” Tues 16th July, 8am #Manchester


Demystifying Carbon Literacy for Business

A Free Breakfast Seminar for Business Executives

 (Please note this event is for organisations, not for consultants.  If you are a consultant please contact us directly to discuss opportunities for working collaboratively.)

Tuesday 16th July 8am – 10am

Manchester Town Hall, Committee Room 1

Many businesses are aware of the potential to increase efficiency and improve their bottom line by reducing their carbon footprint and resource wastage, while at the same time

being able to operate in a more environmentally responsible way. But it rarely seems easy, and winning the hearts and minds of the workforce is always seen as the biggest challenge.

This free breakfast seminar introduces you to the idea of Carbon Literacy – the award-winning project working across Greater Manchester – and how it can directly support your drive to reducing emissions.

You will leave with a new understanding of:

How Carbon Literacy can reduce costs, increase profits and directly drive your business objectives

How you can overcome barriers to implementation

How you can achieve it in a cost effective way

What other organisations are doing about it

Contact Clare Macintosh on clare@becarbonliterate.co.uk or 07808 214712 for further information.  For more information about Be Carbon Literate visit our website at www.becarbonliterate.co.uk

“A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales in many businesses” The Carbon Trust

Be Carbon Literate is a network of professional and inspirational carbon literacy trainers working collaboratively to design and deliver effective training as part of the Carbon Literacy Project for more details visit http://www.manchestercarbonliteracy.com.

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4 Responses to Upcoming Event: “Carbon Literacy for Businesses” Tues 16th July, 8am #Manchester

  1. are you drawing on the Trades Unions? There’s a lot of green trade union activity these days and this is obviously a good way of drawing in staff into carbon reduction activities. In my workplace experience, ordinary employees are generally more clued up about green and carbon reduction issues than management.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    MCFly isn’t organising the event. If we were, we would MOST DEFINITELY draw on the knowledge and capacity of the trade unions. Would you like to write something for us about what TUs are up to and why they really can’t be ignored on this? Usual rates of pay (cough cough).
    Marc Hudson

    • Thanks for the invitation Marc, I will if it’s ok to leave it a bit, I’m a bit overloaded at the moment. When would you want it by and how many words, more or less?

      • No probs. The lovely thing about the internet, besides the cat-scoping opportunities, is the space. So, if you want to do 500 words, great, if you want to do 1200, also great. And there’s no mad rush… Cheers!

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