Questions to @afsl about its secretariat function for the “Steering” “Group” #MACF

The charity “Action for Sustainable Living” has got the contract to provide secretariat functions to the “Steering Group” (paid for by… Manchester City Council).

Those functions include

  • Clerking Steering Group meetings (5 per year),
  • Producing the 2013/14 Forward Plan of meetings,
  • Providing support to the Governance and Funding, and Communications sub groups,
  • Organising the MACF Annual Conference in March 2014 (including securing funding/sponsorship),
  • Managing the 2013/14 Steering Group election process
  • Maintain and update the MACF website
  • Maintain the events and conferences forward plan
  • Secure funding to support the activities of the Steering Group,
  • Maintain and develop the MACF mailing list.

Let’s start simple with two questions;

a) what do you understand by the bullet point “Managing the 2013/14 Steering Group election process?”  Could you unpack that for us please? When will elections be held? For what roles? How?

b) what do you think of Groundwork’s legacy with “maintaining and updating the MACF website” – given that as of July 25th 2013 the “events page” refers to upcoming events  in August… 2012.  Will you be doing better?


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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2 Responses to Questions to @afsl about its secretariat function for the “Steering” “Group” #MACF

  1. chris says:

    lets give them a chance to prove us wrong

    • Well, they’ve had since July. Don’t forget, they BID for the secretariat role, so must have had some ideas about how they would do things differently from the last bunch of clowns.

      They didn’t bother answering straightforward questions, hoping instead I’d go away. Yeah, that really works, doesn’t it.

      And as of a couple of days ago, there was nowt new on the manchesterclimate.con website.

      So why take on the role unless you were willing – and, gasp, able – to make a difference STRAIGHT AWAY? Surely not for something as tawdry as the money?

      There is a total lack of any sense of urgency, or of any sense that there is a huge blackhole of credibility-suck to be accelerated away from.

      IMHO, they had the benefit of the doubt, the chance to prove us wrong, all through August and September. And they blew it.

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