Shanghai yes, Nantes, no; Richard Leese will NOT go to major #Climate Conference for Mayors

What a difference four years makes.  In 2009 Manchester City Council actually got off its backside and briefly grasped the nettle that is climate change.  After wasting two years of flubbing and flapping they worked with a wide-range of stakeholders to produce the “Manchester Climate Change Action Plan.”

And what made them do this?  Well, quite probably the fact that there was a no-longer-moveable-deadline.  Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council since 1996,  wanted to be at the Climate Conference for Mayors being held in December 2009 in Copenhagen.  And he needed to be there with something in his hand.  Thanks to the Council’s adoption of a working-group format that had been pioneered by activists, he was able to go (he flew, naturally)  proudly brandishing the “Manchester: A Certain Future” document.

Well, there’s another World Mayors Summit on Climate Change happening in September, even closer than Copenhagen, in Nantes.  And will Sir Richard be attending, perhaps brandishing the laughably ‘refreshed’ MACF?


Could it be that after four years of talking (and not even very much of that), Manchester has very little to show for its ‘efforts’?

Is anyone else from Greater Manchester going?  No.

Are the leaders of any of the other Core Cities intending to travel there? We’ve asked, but not yet heard. Even if none of them is, that would hardly excuse Manchester. It’s a “leading” city, don’t you know.


UPDATE 8th Sept – What I didn’t know at the time I wrote this was that OGL flew off to Sao Paolo in 2011 for a “C40” junke… meeting.


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1 Response to Shanghai yes, Nantes, no; Richard Leese will NOT go to major #Climate Conference for Mayors

  1. Has not Richard Leese attended some building/construction exhibition in Nantes or was it Nice? And Howard Bernstein goes to it ever year no doubt flying and not taking the train.

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