Art Gallery patrons left in the dark – #Manchester #climate #toptrumps

Manchester City Council’s buildings emissions went up last year. They don’t seem particularly bothered by this, of course. Number 8 of the so-called “actions” in the so-called carbon reduction plan, basically is a promise that they didn’t bother to keep last year.  Not the first and not the last this has happened.  And stay tuned next week for a real bombshell about this wretched “plan”.

What it says
toptrump0084.23 “Galleries and Museums (5% of building emissions)
Manchester Art Gallery will continue their energy management trials and research to reduce consumption in the building, and will install a new revolving door to allow better control of conditions. LEDs will be installed in the final six galleries.”

What was said last year (direct quote from 2012/13 plan Galleries/museums (6% of building emissions)
Manchester Art Gallery will complete its roll-out of LED lighting in the remaining 18 of its 20 galleries by October 2012, which will save 116 tonnes CO2 and £23,000 this year.

MCFly’s verdict (Is it ambitious enough, is it likely to happen, is this meaningless gibberish/stuff that they were already doing designed to pad out a thin plan, what questions about this “action” are yet to be answered etc etc)

If they can’t get the small things right, and be HONEST when they haven’t gotten them right, how can they ever be trusted on the substantive stuff?

What would a proper three year plan around this item look like? Finding out what ideas people in the building have. Switching off the lights every night – “Every Day is Earth Day”, for instance…

How can culture be shifted around this item?
Every visitor to the library gets a one page fact sheet about what they can do to decrease their carbon footprint and increase their political footprint.

What else should the Council be doing around this item?

Other info n/a

Phone numbers and emails of the organisations n/a
Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3JL
Tel: 0161 235 8888
Fax: 0161 274 7146
Textphone: 0161 235 8893

Twice a week, on “Annual Plan Tuesdays” and “Annual Plan Thursdays” we will be asking a few straightforward questions about each item. And to illustrate each post, we (Marc Hudson and Marc Roberts) are devising “Top Trump” cards for all of these actions. At two a week it will take you until December or so to collect the whole set… So far can’t give you a percentage on the 2005 figure, since the Council has been going off its 2009/10 baseline, in direct contradiction of its own plan.

And throughout all of this, we are asking YOU, the reader, and council tax payer (probably), what YOU think the Council should REALLY be doing… Because next year the council moves to a “three year plan.” And given what we already know of the low quality of the carbon plans and their implementation so far, we, the citizens, will be complicit if we remain silent…


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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