#Manchester Green Party news – reflections on 2013, plans for 2014

Chair of Manchester Green Party Deyika Nzeribe talks to MCFly about the year gone and the year ahead. For the councillors who ‘read’ MCFly – read the disclaimer, ok?

What was your biggest achievement in 2013?
2013 was a year of firsts for Manchester Green Party but I suppose our biggest public achievement was our ‘Green Economy, Green Jobs’ public event in March. The keynote speakers were Natalie Bennett (the national Green party Leader) and Neil McIlroy (Chief Executive of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies). Over 140 people attended and the event ‘trended’ on Twitter.
Aside from that I’ve been impressed by Green Party members campaigning involvement this year including, Alexandra Park, saving local services (particularly libraries and day centres), the NHS and the Barton Moss anti-fracking protests.

If you could go back to the beginning of the year and give yourself one warning/piece of advice, what would it be?
It would probably be not to over-stretch. We did a huge amount last year but because of the amount of negative policies and actions coming from national and local government, it never felt like it was enough.
So yes, don’t over-stretch, partner-up where possible, tell people what you are doing, ask for help, and give people the opportunity to help.

What have you got planned for 2014, and how can people get involved in what you do.
Manchester Green Party will be fighting both local and European Elections. We have an excellent chance of gaining and MEP this year.
We will be continuing to campaign to save services to the people of Manchester.
We will also press for more and urgent action on the environment. The recent extended storms are an indication of weather patterns to come and frankly, with Britain being an island nation on the Atlantic, its distressing. We will work with any organisation on this.
People can get involved with city-wide and local activity; contact can be made through the MGP website http://www.manchestergreenparty.org.uk/.

That Disclaimer: MCFly is edited by Marc Hudson (former co-editor Arwa Aburawa has been demoted to working for Al-Jazeera). Marc Hudson is NOT a member of the Green Party. Or the Lib Dems. Or Labour. Or the Tories. Or the People’s Front of Judea. Never has been a member of any party. i.e. not a party animal.


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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