Another year in #Manchester – Manchester Climate Monthly 2013 and 14

So, having put up posts from Carbon Coop, Climate Survivors, Madlab and Kindling Trust (twice!), it’s MCFly’s turn to face its own music.

What was your biggest achievement in 2013?
We* kept the website going – heaps of content. Ten issues of MCFly came out, and only the last was not within deadline.
We made a bunch of videos, conducted a bunch of interviews. Erm…

If you could go back to the beginning of the year and give yourself one warning/piece of advice, what would it be?
Logistics logistics logistics. Forget strategy, that’s for amateurs. If you’re trying to build a social movement (or rather, do the Right Things during the abeyance of a social movement) then even if there are things that you “should” be doing – like contesting the farcical ineptitude and downright falsehoods of Manchester City Council and its stab-vest Steering Group – then you should only do these things if you can do them in ways that build your side’s capacity. And doing that requires internal logistics – staff, discipline, focus etc. And those are very hard things to sustain.

What have you got planned for 2014, and how can people get involved in what you do?
That is, a renewed focus on ‘capacity-building’ of individuals and groups.
We’re going to return to some old regulars – and some new regulars- as of January 19th or so.
Mondays will be McNuggets of upcoming news and reading
Wednesdays will be “Practical McMonthly Task” (PMT)
Thursdays will be “Three Question Thursday”, where we post a short video interview with an environmental/social justice activist.
Fridays will be “something for the weekend”
Saturdays will be “good news”

Alongside all of this, interviews, videos, event reports. A new regular column “how to” (write a press release, do an interview, write a letter to the editor) and much more.

Wanna get involved? Email

* Since July MCFly has been Marc Hudson – Arwa Aburawa got a gig with Al-Jazeera!


About manchesterclimatemonthly

Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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4 Responses to Another year in #Manchester – Manchester Climate Monthly 2013 and 14

  1. On the lack of any demonstrated commitment made by Leese and Manchester City Council, especially their commitments in ‘Manchester – A Certain Future’, to reduce greenhouse emissions. I thought I would share this recent report from Sustainability Development in Government;,233OP,3PMD9H,7IX7A,1. In which the UK Government can demonstrate, they have reduce their greenhouse emissions within their estates and operations. It is not perfect and more needs to be done, but it is more than Manchester City Council has achieved since 2009. A couple of years ago, I asked the council’s treasury department, on a breakdown on their energy and water bills. They never did supply these figures, in fact they never got back to me. If these figures are too difficult for them to supply in request, then they are doing something very wrong. It means, they do not know where the main energy/water usage occurs, let alone why. If they do not know these basics, then they will not know how to reduce them. It is the first thing to do, when carrying an energy audit. When is the message going to finally get through, that those in charge of this council, are not fit to be in office?

    • gille liath says:

      “greening government commitments”?

      Maybe you should have posted this on one of the fracking pages. Sorry, but it irritates me to see the continuing exoneration of the govt by you guys, when they are guilty of the most disgraceful betrayal in the history of environmentalism.

      • Hi Gille, I am not exonerating this Government, as you say “they are guilty of the most disgraceful betrayal in the history of environmentalism”. Which make Manchester City Councils’ lack of action on environmental issues just as bad or even worse. Other councils around England have achieve far more than Manchester.

  2. gille liath says:

    “you should only do these things if you can do them in ways that build your side’s capacity”

    Not sure exactly what that means, but if it includes not continuing to criticise when there is nothing to be gained, then three cheers for it.

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