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Food Poverty in #Manchester. Council going through the motions

Below find the text of a motion to the next meeting of full Council (Weds 29th Jan, 10am) that just might scrape through.*  It’s motherhood and apple-pie with the obligatory puff for “high tech”**.  If the Council has the same … Continue reading

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Inclusivity and diversity in the #Manchester #climate movement. How far we’ve come!!

This is a repost from February 2009, when we were still Manchester Climate Fortnightly.  We post it gain just for all of us to congratulate ourselves on just how far we have come in the last five years on this … Continue reading

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“More long term support needed for families displaced by #flooding say researchers”

From a press release – Planning for the emotional aftermath of devastating floods is as important as dealing with the immediate impact of such emergencies, say researchers from the Hull Floods project at Lancaster University. As local councils brace themselves … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Barton Moss #fracking fundraiser Sat 1st Feb #Chorlton #Manchester

Not an endorsement, just a notification!

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Book Review: Industrial Revolution by R.T. Cutforth #Manchester writer

Local author RT Cutforth has written an entertaining and suitably (post-)apocalyptic novel set in Manchester. “Industrial Revolution” opens with a bravura scene of “physical interrogation” (when we do it; torture, when our enemies do it) that recalls the “Is it … Continue reading

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#Manchester City Council has 96 councillors. How many are “carbon literate”? 6.

Four years after committing to ensure “carbon literacy” for the entire city, Manchester City Council has managed to get only 1/16th of its elected members to undertake a day’s training on the central issue of the 21st century. The information, … Continue reading

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#Manchester citizens answer 3 questions – 003 Mark Haworth #3qthurs

So, Thursdays are hereby proclaimed to be 3 Questions* Thursdays. Every Thursday we will put up a short video of a Mancunian answering the following – 1. “Who are you?”  (Name, where you live, and – if you want to say … Continue reading

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Action for Sustainable Living seeking small premises, will employ less than one full-time equivalent #Manchester

The charity Action for Sustainable Living has announced its first year of shrinkage.  At its Annual General Meeting last nights, its chair Chris Wright announced that “2013 was the first year in which AfSL received no new grant or contract … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: “Connecting #fuelpoverty and well-being” #Manchester Tues 4 Feb #austerity

Austerity, warmth and well-being: connecting fuel poverty and urban health Tuesday 4 February, 6-8pm, International Anthony Burgess Foundation (3 Cambridge Street, Manchester, M1 5BY) Fuel poverty discussions often focus on how low-income residents can pay their household energy bills in … Continue reading

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Police and Environmental Protest; from #BartonMoss to #Drax and beyond #Manchester #climate

Just the facts. Please read the disclaimer before commenting. The Guardian reports that A protester at an anti-fracking demonstration in Greater Manchester claims he was left “battered and bruised” after being assaulted by police officers. Sean O’Donnell, who is known … Continue reading

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