#Climate Action in #Manchester mtg tonight – more skills offered by Pauline, who can’t be there…

The meeting tonight starts informally at 6.30pm, with lots of structured mingling and brain-storming and so on. More “formal” (but still fun and interactive!) bits start 7.30ish. Here’s another person who can’t come who wants to be involved!

My name is Pauline and I am involved in several campaigns and groups related to climate change… amongst them Climate Survivors, Old Moat Greenies, Charter for Abundance and an educational social enterprise. I am sorry I cannot be at the Climate Change Action In Manchester Where Next meeting due to work and other family matters but I do support the meeting and am interested to be informed of the outcomes.

To be genuinely sustainable, I think Manchester City Council needs to allow the science to guide its actions and put this before traditional economic ways of doing business and think eco-creatively. For example, avoiding new build, and retro fitting existing buildings, protecting our tree capital and increasing it, supporting and creating local jobs in food growing as well as funding and supporting community projects, re assessing transport and re establishing low cost integrated public transport across the city, encouraging and supporting safe cycling in the city. I think they should do a U turn on plans to close Withington and Chorlton baths and leisure facilities. There are plans to build a new centre on Hough End instead. This will create unnecessary emissions, lead to tree and meadow loss, cost lots of millions and mean local children have to cross busy roads to get there and travel further. These are not the plans of a City Council that really understands and takes seriously the issue of Climate Change.

Skills that I can offer (in a limited capacity at the moment because of being over stretched in terms of volunteering – though exchanges welcome):
Interpreting and Translation skills – French and Spanish (tiny bit of Russian)
Dance skills and performance team available for low carbon fun (solar fuelled PA a poss)
Eco education and Carbon Literacy

Skills I would welcome...
Support in making our Climate Survivors Ning site easier to navigate
Support in writing up and promoting our Charter for Abundance
Support with our Old Moat Greenies food growing group and planting for wildlife

Please email plhassociatescic@gmail.com

About manchesterclimatemonthly

Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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