#Manchester Better Energy – better energy seems not to include greener energy… #climate #toast

faqforbetterenergyThis “Dear Resident” email below comes to MCFly’s inbox, with the following comment;
“so – cheaper energy a good thing of course, but no green energy option in all this?  A distinct lack of joined up thinking here – especially as they used to be run from the GM Energy Saving Team… just saying…”
MCFly went and looked at the Frequently Asked Questions (see image). Nowt on the green-ness of it all.  And given how hopeless the Green Deal is looking, it’s almost as if we are toast rather than toasty…


Dear resident,

Time’s running out to reduce your energy bills – don’t miss the deadline of 9 March.

We emailed you a few weeks ago to tell you about the new energy auction we are running. This was because you registered for the energy auction the Greater Manchester councils ran last year but didn’t take up your offer – probably because it wasn’t competitive enough.

This is a reminder to let you know that the deadline to sign up is getting close, so don’t miss out – sign up today.

We’ve taken steps to change how you sign up so the process should be quicker and easier. We’ll also show you other deals on the market when you get your personalised auction offer. There’s no obligation to take up any offer and you might just get a better offer this time around.

We all know that the energy companies have been putting their prices up, so it’s a good time to act.

You can sign up for free at www.betterenergydeals.org.uk or by calling 0800 988 2426.

How it works:

  • Sign up by 9 March – it’s quick, simple and you won’t need a bill
  • We negotiate a great energy deal for everyone that signs up – the more people that sign up the better
  • From 10 March we’ll notify you of how much money you can save
  • If you choose to switch we’ll organise everything for FREE!

Don’t miss out – register now at www.betterenergydeals.org.uk or call Freephone 0800 988 2426.

Thank you
The Greater Manchester Better Energy Deals team


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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2 Responses to #Manchester Better Energy – better energy seems not to include greener energy… #climate #toast

  1. Jane says:

    I enrolled for this last year, only to be given a dual fuel tariff with no green option – they didn’t seem to offer gas only – and when I queried this with them I got a totally anodyne response which completely ignored the point I was trying to make about wanting to have a green electricity supplier. So, pretty useless.

  2. janethehat says:

    I enrolled for this last year and was offered a dual fuel tariff with no green option. When I queried this, I got an anodyne reply which failed to respond to my point about wanting to have an option that included renewables, or a gas only option. So, pretty useless.

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