#Manchester Council Environment Executive Kate Chappell on #shale gas and #fracking -interviewed

But not by MCFly*.

The folks at “Shale World”
seem a little confused about two things.

Firstly, the Councillor’s gender and secondly, the fact that the May conference of the shale gas industry has been shifted to Birmingham, (for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the protests at Barton Moss).
Cllr Chappell is asked to “give an update about shale development in Manchester?” She replies –

“Shale gas is something we have been regularly contacted by concerned residents. The Manchester City Council passed a resolution at a council meeting in July 2012, that said this council would support Friends of the Earth’s campaign on this issue. We decided we wouldn’t give any planning permissions for either exploratory sites or fracking sites until it was clear there are no scientific doubts regarding the process.”

It would be bad form (breach of copyright blah blah blah) to cut and paste more. The interview continues with questions on

What is your view about the supportive role that the government is showing towards shale gas?
How would you describe the public perception here of shale gas?
What would you like the EA [Environment Agency] and government to do?
Do you think shale gas will take off in the next couple of years?

You can read the whole thing (by clicking fwd on the slides – it does help their stats, and therefore their advertising rates), here.

Marc Hudson
whose Spanish isn’t as good as his English. #hypocrite?

* Scooped on our own turf. #dyingofshame


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