Clicktivism: “Get Barclays out of dirty coal” #climate effort, beyond #Manchester

From World Development Movement

In less than 48 hours, Barclays will hold its AGM in London. This gives us a unique opportunity to pressure Barclays to stop funding dirty coal.

Take action now to get Barclays out of  coal.

With investments of more than £3.1 billion in coal mining since 2005, Barclays are causing extensive harm to the lives of communities around the world and propelling climate change.

WDM has revealed that Barclays invested £127million in mining company Bumi Resources, responsible for destroying rainforest and evicting Indonesian communities from their land.

Barclays is also the world’s biggest bankroller of mountaintop removal coal mining, a highly destructive method that has already caused health problems and poisoned water supplies where it has been used.

Please take action to tell Barclays CEO Anthony Jenkins to pull out of coal.

Last year we successfully campaigned to make Barclays pull out of food speculation. This year we have the chance to put an end to Barclays’ funding of dirty coal projects that are destroying forests, polluting water, and forcibly removing local communities from their land.

Best wishes,
Alex Scrivener
Climate campaigner, WDM


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