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Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

#Manchester “Routes to Retrofit” 5th and 12th March

Looking for practical advice on implementing energy efficiency measures? Committed to embarking on whole house retrofit but don’t know where to start? Carbon Co-op are running another series of Routes to Retrofit seminars for householders on planning and delivering energy … Continue reading

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Carbon Co-op’s New Year Resolutions #Manchester #climate

Carbon Co-op‘s Jonathan Atkinson gives answers to the 11 questions that Manchester Climate Monthly has sent to a bunch of environmental groups (It’s also open to individuals…). 1. What is the purpose of your group? (three or four sentences) We … Continue reading

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“Individual responsibility 4 #climate mitigation?” rant by #Manchester activist. #TyndallPhdConf

The excellent Tyndall PhD Conference draws to a close today. At 11.30am there’s a panel debate on the topic of “Individual Responsibility for Climate Mitigation”. It’s at the Barnes Wallis building of the University of Manchester, it’s open to the … Continue reading

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Clicktivism: “Get Barclays out of dirty coal” #climate effort, beyond #Manchester

From World Development Movement In less than 48 hours, Barclays will hold its AGM in London. This gives us a unique opportunity to pressure Barclays to stop funding dirty coal. Take action now to get Barclays out of  coal. With … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council goes at #carbon literacy with all… lights… blazing. #epicfail

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Well, what’s the worth of 500 employees being carbon literate if… Someone recently left a comment that I’ve cherished ever since, comparing me to Woodward and Bernstein. Well, here’s another fine investigation, … Continue reading

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Interview with Greater #Manchester Environment Team chap #retrofit #climate #GreenDeal

Michael O’Doherty, who was until recently “Head of Climate Change, Buildings & Energy” for Manchester City Council, but is now “Assistant Director, Greater Manchester Environment Team” gets the sock-of-wet-sand treatment from MCFly editor Marc Hudson. Green Deal or no Deal? … Continue reading

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Cross-post from the Sustainable Change Co-operative” – Climate report gloom

The Sustainable Change Co-operative is a group of “leading environmental and sustainability consultants based in Manchester. [Their] goal is to help enterprises of all kinds thrive whilst playing a positive role in the move towards a fairer society that’s in … Continue reading

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NEWSFLASH: Council to release report on Steady-State Economics

First the good news; Manchester City Council has committed itself to producing a report on Steady State Economics.  This follows an open letter to its Economy Scrutiny committee [see membership here]. last November. That letter was signed by co-ordinators of … Continue reading

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Interview: UK emissions and energy scenarios

Maria Sharmina, Doctoral Researcher at the Sustainable Consumption Institute and affiliated to Tyndall Centre Manchester, answers questions from MCFly volunteer Kate Matthews, ahead of her “lecture and a curry” on Tuesday 13th March at the University of Manchester Students Union … Continue reading

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SEMMMS like old times

Went to a Friends of the Earth meeting tonight(1). It was arranged so we could learn more about the new plans for “Airport City” (see previous MCFly story here) and the road that will – if/when it is built, at … Continue reading

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