Individual Responsibility for #Climate Mitigation; Dr Sarah Mander

A panel debate on the ‘To what extent does individual responsibility have a role to play in climate change mitigation?’ was held at the end of the 4th Tyndall Centre PhD Conference, held in Manchester in April 2014.

There were four panellists

Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh, lecturer in Psychology at Cardiff University (and co-developer of the crucial concept of “carbon capability,” over and above the anemic and convenient “carbon literacy.”
Dr Sarah Mander, research fellow at Tyndall Manchester
Dr Julia Steinberger, lecturer in Ecological Economics at the University of Leeds.
Dr Tom Crompton, Change Strategist at WWF-UK.

My hypothetical “contribution” to the debate is here. If I’d known you could actually go on for 15 minutes I… wouldn’t have. But I’d have gotten in something about the multi-level perspective “versus” social practices. So it goes.

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