“Individual responsibility 4 #climate mitigation?” rant by #Manchester activist. #TyndallPhdConf

The excellent Tyndall PhD Conference draws to a close today.

At 11.30am there’s a panel debate on the topic of “Individual Responsibility for Climate Mitigation”. It’s at the Barnes Wallis building of the University of Manchester, it’s open to the public, and it promises to be excellent!  The four panellists are

Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh, lecturer in Psychology at Cardiff University (and co-developer of the crucial concept of “carbon capability,” over and above the anemic and convenient “carbon literacy.”
Dr Sarah Mander, research fellow at Tyndall Manchester
Dr Julia Steinberger, lecturer in Ecological Economics at the University of Leeds.
Dr Tom Crompton, Change Strategist at WWF-UK.

Anyway, here’s a video of what I woulda said if they’d made the mistake of inviting me to be on t’panel. #extremenarcissism.


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4 Responses to “Individual responsibility 4 #climate mitigation?” rant by #Manchester activist. #TyndallPhdConf

  1. Great vide, geat message. I agree that the whole idea of individual responsibility is distracting and ultimately debilitating. The system is founded on inequality and yet when we talk about climate responsibility, we’re all meant to be equal. Thanks for this great reminder. Great work.

  2. Julia Steinberger says:

    Well done! Will try to reflect some of that.

  3. jenny trigg says:

    Hi Marc I went & gave this “Vegetarian” http://www.see.leeds.ac.uk/people/j.steinberger a book I asked about firing the “Clathrate gun” but they chose not to respond. Jenny


  4. Rose Bridger says:

    Thank you Mark. Chimes with my view – bluntly we don’t need this overemphasis on nudging of relatively powerless individuals – but to give governments and corporations a b***** great shove. Its like the recent Manchester green superficial behaviour change stuff like talking green bins, not sure what happened to that. And it is so true that other important ecological issues/crises get swept aside. There is a ‘carbon fixation’ and not in a good way like what some plants do. For example, so much loss or farmland, coastal fisheries, wildlife habitats of many kinds is not just climate change, its because its turned over to industrial purposes.

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