Manchester #Climate “Steering Group” cancels conference, holds first AGM. Memory-holes “low carbon culture”

So, after 5 years, the Manchester Certain Future “steering group” (see MCFly passim ad nauseam)

a) holds its first AGM, with less than a month’s notice
b) sends the radical goal of creating a “low carbon culture” down the memory hole
c) keeps the focus nice and tight on businesses.  Civil society? Not so much…

And are they getting any locally successful “carbon entrepreneurs” to do the keynote? Of course not. They’re importing Tom Burke, no wait, that was two years ago, Tony Juniper. Who has so much to say about the specifics of Manchester’s failures, successes and challenges.

Tuesday 10th June. Maybe they’ll announce that a third organisation has got an implementation plan towards the twin goals of carbon emissions reduction and the creation of a low carbon culture. Which would leave only another 997 to go.  Below is the email they are sending out.

Dear Mark [sic],

Manchester: A Certain Future is an action plan to reduce the carbon emissions by 41% for the City of Manchester. [ed: AND CREATE A LOW CARBON CULTURE???]. What makes this plan so different is that it has been written by organisations all over the city, so it is owned by the city.  And we all have a part to play. This year, we are focusing heavily on the plan. A number of actions and activities are taking place over the city to assist in meeting the targets of the plan.

The first AGM will present our first Annual Report documenting progress achieved so far against the targets set when the plan was published, and importantly, what we are doing now.

Our AGM is taking place on Tuesday 10th June 2014 at the Town Hall and we would love it if you were able to attend. The event starts at 4pm and from 6pm onwards there will be a drinks reception and time for networking.

Tony Juniper will give the keynote address and Gavin Elliot, Chairman of M:ACF Steering Group will present M:ACF’s 1st Annual Progress Report, followed by a Q+A session with the full Steering Group. There will also be an opportunity to question the Steering Group panel on progress made so far to reduce carbon emissions in the city and time to network with other delegates.

There are some big names involved in the plan and in the AGM so what a great opportunity to align your business or organisation to the city’s commitment to reduce its carbon emissions.

Please reserve your ticket here:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your involvement, please feel free to contact Stephanie Lynch:

Hope to see you there.

Gavin Elliott – Chair


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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2 Responses to Manchester #Climate “Steering Group” cancels conference, holds first AGM. Memory-holes “low carbon culture”

  1. joskin69 says:

    I may live to regret this but…… Do you reckon I can get an invite?

    • Pretend you’re me? But don’t eat any food that specifically set aside for that name 😛


      PS I have already reluctantly given my apologies, so the above plan won’t work… Just fill in the eventbrite, no?

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