Councillor says carbon literacy an “eye-opener.” #Manchester folks- are YOUR councillors carbon literate?

Here is what Councillor Anna Trotman, one of the three councillors representing Higher Blackley ward, thinks;

The Carbon Literacy training that I went on recently, really opened my eyes to how wide the subject is.  I knew it wasn’t just about fuel and how it’s used, but I didn’t appreciate that it covered such subjects as food poverty and recycling.  I would urge anybody with the chance of attending a Carbon Literacy session to grab it with both hands, it worth every moment of your time.

So, the question is this. Do you know whether the three councillors who represent your ward completed their carbon literacy? At the moment, MCFly only knows of Councillor Trotman and Councillor Dan Gillard (Withington). There a (very) few others who have but their names aren’t known.  (There have been, for the umpteenth time, workshops cancelled at short-notice and other bureaucratic bungles. )

Here’s what you can do.

1) If you don’t know who your three councillors are,  type in your post code on this page on Manchester City Council’s website.

2) See if they are carbon literate by checking on the “Councillors and carbon literacy page” created here, on “Environmental Scrutiny Committee” website.

3) Drop any councillor who is not listed as “Yes” or “Been Asked on [date]” an email (or tweet). Their emails and twitter handles are on the page where you can check their literacy status.

Your message could be something like –

Dear Councillor x,
I care about climate change and I worry about Manchester’s preparedness. I hope you do too. I am writing to find out if you have completed your carbon literacy training (both the online and face-to-face component). If you haven’t, can you say when you will. If you don’t intend to, please let me know why. I will be sharing your answer (or lack of one) so that it can be added to a public database.

Thank you

[your name]

or @xxxxx done your carbon literacy training yet?

4) Forward your emails and any replies to
I will update the database as quickly as possible.

5) Save the date: Tuesday 26th August
At 2pm the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee will scrutinise the latest report on the Council’s carbon performance. Town Hall, no need to book
At 7pm there is the next meeting of the People’s Environmental Scrutiny Committee. Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St. Plenty to do, whether you can come on the night or not….

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2 Responses to Councillor says carbon literacy an “eye-opener.” #Manchester folks- are YOUR councillors carbon literate?

  1. tomskinner78 says:

    Thanks for this Marc, I’ll write to my cllrs asking them to attend (and thanking Emily for saying she’ll attend). Are we asking them to attend something run by the Council, or someone else – do you have any information on how they would go about signing up for the training please? Thanks, Tom

    _____________________________________________________________Tom SkinnerCoordinator, Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaignadmin@gmlivingwage.org0787 234

    Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 09:18:49 +0000 To:

    • Hi Tom,

      the training is being offered to all the Councillors – it’s not clear to me if it is being done “in-house” or by an outside outfit (if the latter, almost certainly by “Cooler Projects”. There have been repeated cancelled-at-last-minute workshops etc etc (almost certainly NOT the external providers’ fault). This sorry saga has been going on for years, and there have been repeated promises of it being sorted out. Two councillors assured me today that the training is being offered etc etc, but we need to make sure there are no more cancellations, unannounced re-bookings etc. It is VERY frustrating that something as straightforward as this needs external pressure, but there you have it. Let me know when you’ve emailed your three Fallowfield councillors and I will mark them on the list as asked.

      PS I still have your scarf!

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