Planning meeting for a Manchester “This Changes Everything” Tuesday 26th May

Personally, I believe that the “left” has learnt nothing and will learn nothing on the road to Paris and beyond (the title of this blog post – This changes everything changes nothing #smugosphere #emotathons #same mistakes #roadtoparis – may give that away a bit.)

Still, I could be wrong (I genuinely hope I am). This message below popped up in the mcmonthly inbox and is forwarded to y’all.  The proof of my wrongness will be if there is any specific reflection on what we’ve been doing wrong (or are we heroic and blameless?) and what we might do differently (we don’t need to, we’re heroic and blameless). Or maybe here comes my nineteenth emotahon.

A well attended conference in London recently heard Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, explain how our rulers are unwilling to tackle climate change but that a mass movement of citizens can force them to do so. As the U N  climate talks in Paris approach, we want to hold a similar event in Manchester to help build that movement, probably on Saturday October 17th.
We want to build a wide coalition of campaigns and individuals to organise this event. CaCC, Frack Free Greater Manchester and the anti-TTIP campaign are already on board, and other organisations such as Oxfam and the Manchester Hazards Centre have already said they want to get involved.
On Tuesday 26th May we are holding an open planning meeting for the conference , 7pm at Friends Meeting House.We hope this meeting will discuss what speakers to invite, what topics will be covered, how we will publicise the event etc. Hopefully many activists, and people who have not been active before, will come along with fresh ideas (eg someone already suggested we could have a video message from scientists in the Arctic).
If you are on Facebook, please follow the link below to the event page for May 26th, and share it with your contacts:
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