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Planning meeting for a Manchester “This Changes Everything” Tuesday 26th May

Personally, I believe that the “left” has learnt nothing and will learn nothing on the road to Paris and beyond (the title of this blog post – This changes everything changes nothing #smugosphere #emotathons #same mistakes #roadtoparis – may give … Continue reading


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Is a lower energy #climate event possible? Probably not. #MACF #Manchester

A low carbon future is going to be about a) doing things very differently. It’s going to be about b) keeping our commitments and about c) making sure that scarce resources are allocated according to plan. On tonight’s example, we’re … Continue reading

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Social Movements: What are ’emotathons’? #Manchester #movement-building

Emotathons are the Events (marches, camps etc) at which we emote for hours/days.  Don’t get me wrong – emotions are legitimate and vital in every sense. It’s just that by staging virtually nothing but emotathons we use up limited resources … Continue reading

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