Psychology and #climate seminar in #Manchester, Tues 24th November

Tues 24 Nov
2 – 3.30pm
John Dalton East, 423
No need to book, just turn up.
Psychosocial processes involved in influencing pro-environmental decision-making in the organisation: an individual-level interpretative phenomenological analysis
There is a deeply troubling dissonance between the severity and urgency of human-caused ecological crisis and our relatively slow and small collective response. [This means “we did nothing when the scientists warned us”] Understanding what might be going on in our psyches for this dissonance to manifest is of critical importance if we wish to avoid worst-case scenarios: good intentions are evidently not enough.

This presentation draws on findings from an interdisciplinary study into the lived experience of six research participants as they act to influence pro-environmental decision-making in their organisations.  I present a model of key dynamics and interactions in psychosocial processes that impact their motivation, resilience and effectiveness. The analysis focuses on three factors in particular: psychological threat defence mechanisms and coping strategies, basic psychological needs satisfaction and vitality maintenance, and cognitive frames about human-nature relationship.

Nadine is completing a PhD at HighWire CDT at Lancaster University and also teaches mindfulness and nature connection in organisations and with the general public. Before embarking on the PhD, Nadine worked for many years in the arts and heritage sector as an independent consultant in strategic marketing, organisational development, management research and evaluation, training and facilitation. In her early career she worked in various aspects of music industry and festival management.

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