International Women’s Day – Berta Caceres, Judi Bari, etc.

Happy International Women’s Day.  Normal service will resume tomorrow of course.

Berta Caceres was murdered last week.  The Honduran indigenous leader got between rich people andtheir money-making opportunities and paid the price, like at least 116 environmentalists in 2014.

Friends of the Earth has a good piece about “Amazing Women Who Defended the Environment.”

Me, I’d have added Judi Bari, the radical American working-class activist and environmentalist who was dangerous enough to be blown up.  (Shades of Fred Hampton – it’s the activists who might get the competing groups of poor seeing beyond their short-term interests to their longer-term interest (in, say, a habitable planet)  who are the biggest threat to our lords and masters.)



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  1. A female activist you do not hear much about is Karen Silkwood, even though a film was made about her:

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