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International Women’s Day – Berta Caceres, Judi Bari, etc.

Happy International Women’s Day.  Normal service will resume tomorrow of course. Berta Caceres was murdered last week.  The Honduran indigenous leader got between rich people andtheir money-making opportunities and paid the price, like at least 116 environmentalists in 2014. Friends of … Continue reading

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Repost: “Trying to cash in on #climate change won’t fool nature”

excellent blog post by University of Nottingham and University of Sydney academics… Trying to cash in on climate change won’t fool nature If companies won’t see things differently, we need to. We find ourselves in an era of what we might … Continue reading

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Sunday cheerfulness for #Manchester; #Snowden, #climate, #food #GCHQ & #lemmings

There’s a chap called Graham Wayne who has persistently and consistently been writing excellent stuff on all aspects of climate change (science, policy, denial, etc). His latest piece, “What connects Edward Snowden, climate change, GCHQ and lemmings?” is very fine, … Continue reading

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#Manchester Tyndall articles about shipping, #aviation and #climate by Prof Kevin Anderson and Dr Alice Bows

Last week Professor Kevin Anderson sent out the following email. Please find links to three (open access) pieces Alice Bows and I have recently had published: 1) a paper on shipping, 2) a commentary on aviation, and 3) a Tyndall … Continue reading

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Essential Reading: “The id and the eco” – on #climate change, anxiety and acknowledging feelings of helplessness

Here is some must-read reading for anyone who thinks – or acts as if – more information about climate change and its impacts is how you shift behaviour and opinions. It’s a crystal-clear (no jargon!)  article by Rosemary Randall, “a … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Resurgence & Ecologist magazine – September/October 2012

Keeping global average temperature rise to 2ºC ? An optimists’ view of the future. Keeping C02 concentrations to 350 ppm? So two years ago. Nuclear? Making a comeback. My own efforts? Surely only scratching the surface…. The last few months … Continue reading

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Newsflash: Anderson & Bows – “the threshold of 2 °C is no longer viable”

Professor Kevin Anderson and Doctor Alice Bows are Manchester-based academics working on climate change and what its impacts will be. They have written many peer-reviewed articles and reports, and given seminars a-plenty. (We recently interviewed Kevin – read the full … Continue reading

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Latest apocalypse news: top boffin says “Climate change is here — and worse than we thought”

James Hansen is one of the most well-known, and well-respected, climate scientists the species has.  Now he’s ‘fessed up to the error of his ways. When he made his bold claims about climate impacts in 1988, he underestimated what was … Continue reading

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Article Review: “Growing Grassroots innovations

Seyfang, G. and Haxeltine, A. (2012) ‘Growing Grassroots Innovations: Exploring the role of community-based social movements in sustainable energy transitions’, Environment and Planning C  Vol 30(3) pp381-400  doi:10.1068/c10222 Pah. I bet this is going to be another wordy academic article full … Continue reading

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Articles Review: Crises, Camps and Citizenship

MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson reads three academic papers on the stepper at the gym. And is impressed, distressed and depressed, in that order. Compressed reviews follow. Economic and Ecological Crises: Green new deals and no-growth economies Bob Jessop Beyond the … Continue reading

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