Open Letter to ‘Steering Group’ boss on #Manchester #climate “plan”

Dear Gavin,
next Monday night sees the launch of the Manchester “strategy” for climate change 2017-2050.  Of course, there already is a “plan” for the years 2010-2020, but since all of the commitments to that have long ago been broken, it make sense to replace it before awkward questions about it are raised.
Two months ago, when the “consultation” about the plan was extended by a week, I wrote to you the following
Hi Gavin,
quote for publication please, that takes in how many responses have been received by the initial deadline, the different methods used to get responses from ‘hard to reach’ groups, and the reason for the extension

Naturally, I did not receive any response.

So I ask again, this time in public.

I’d also like to know what specifically the social media strategy was – twitter, facebook, youtube.

I’d also like to know what the mainstream media strategy was.  Was a press release sent out, were individual journalists at the BBC and Manchester Evening News contacted?  Did stories in fact appear – if so, when?

You were not involved in the 2009 process, but I recall well that there were many public meetings and writing groups that led to a plan for 10 years. Over 100 people were thanked in the glossy book that was produced (I’ll happily supply you with a copy).  Given that this “plan” to be launched on Monday is for three times as long, and takes us all the way to ‘zero carbon’, presumably there have been  at least three times as many such meetings and events.  But I seem to have missed them. All.

They also don’t appear to have been listed on the official calendar for the group. (See screen grab below from this morning). Then again, neither is the launch.  Perhaps time to have a work with the very well paid staff about this?



PS  There are also no minutes available for the “Steering Group” (you know, the one that members of the public are not allowed to attend) since February 2016.


Or perhaps, given the farce where only two of the 10 members showed up, and the Executive Member for the Enviornment almost never showed up, you abandoned meetings?


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