And another appreciation of Deyike Nzeribe

This below is from Jonathan Atkinson (republished with permission).  There are many wonderful tributes to Deyika, and I will – with the authors’ permission – keep posting them.  This is a man who will not be forgotten, and should not be forgotten.  He taught us a great deal by his fine example.

-Really shocked to hear about sudden and unexpected death of activist and friend Deyika Nzeribe at just 50. He was great on so many levels, a committed campaigner on community, environmental and anti-racism issues, he took up radical but never fanatical positions bringing together disparate but likeminded groups and individuals.

But he wasn’t just an activist, he was warm and funny person and just good to hang around with. He was always busy, always up to something and usually quite a lot of things. The picture below makes me smile because it was taken as part of the publicity for his Green Party council election campaign in Hulme and he persuaded me to forgo my deep rooted craving for anonymity and pose as a ‘local (social enterprise) businessman’ supporting his campaign.


I did it for him because I thought he’d make a great councillor and because he persuaded me to do it with good arguments and good humour. That’s the way he was. It’s so sad he died and doubly so that he was so young.


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