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Letter: Greater #Manchester Spatial Framework and meaningless buzzwords around #climate

NAMES of official documents can tell you a lot – especially about what their authors want you to believe.  Your local democracy reporter Niall Griffiths tells us (“Council support masterplan for region’s housing”, M.E.N. 7 April) that the rebranded Greater Manchester Spatial Framework … Continue reading

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“The Secret Smoker” – of Greater #Manchester and its #climate problem… by Claire Stocks

Claire Stocks, who wrote a great account of her time in London with Extinction Rebellion, has produced a short story/metaphorical exploration of GM Climate policy. It’s here Meanwhile, there’s this old cartoon that is sadly still all-too-relevant…

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Andy Burnham says we all will have to reduce our #carbon footprints. Flies to/from Paris. Twice. #climate #Manchester

So, we’re all going to be zero-carbon (whatever that means) by 2038. Because, you know, we have kids. The kids are so important. And leadership. Leadership is so important. But we’re still going to, like, fly to Paris and back. … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day again: Greater #Manchester #climate working groups “Five Year Plans” etc

After last week’s soul-destroying powerpoint, MCFly gets sight of an email from the “Low Carbon Hub” (which used to be called the “Environment Commission” – almost ten years ago Manchester Climate Fortnightly was reporting on its uselessness). The email (you … Continue reading

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Greater Manchester councils investing £1 BILLION into fracking industry – largest in country (press release)

A press release sent to MCFly (which thinks all the political parties – Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens – have been almost as woefully fail-y on climate as the social movements) by the Lib Dems, giving Manchester City Council (94 … Continue reading

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Today’s awful event#1: Greater #Manchester more #climate summitry

Here’s the short version.  A politician who proclaims he cares about the engagement of Manchester’s population in tackling climate change had over 30 young, bright, concerned and enthused citizens for an hour.  And he talked at them and basically treated … Continue reading

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Leaked copy of Andy Burnham’s speech to his Green Summit next week!! #Manchester #Climate

One of MCFly’s many admirers within the Manchester/Greater Manchester climate bureaucracy has sent us an advance copy of the Mayor’s speech, urging us to publish it as part of a cunning marketing strategy…. And if you believe that, I have … Continue reading

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Letter to Mayor’s Green Summit organisers #Manchester #Climate

Dear x, The wait is finally over! I’ve been on tenterhooks for weeks about whether I’d get a ticket for the Mayor’s Green Summit on 21 March.  I am delighted to have received/dismayed to not have received a place. I’ve … Continue reading

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The mayor’s green summit – what to expect in the coming weeks, months, years. #Manchester #climate

In his  March 2017 manifesto for the Mayoral election, Andy Burnham promised to hold an environmental summit ‘within a year’ of being elected.  Originally scheduled for late 2017, there was “slippage” and the summit is now going to happen in … Continue reading

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Letter: demonstrably inadequate ‘leaders’ #Manchester #climate

And the text I sent – Ten years ago Manchester City Council was talking about being the ‘greenest city in the UK by 2010. It didn’t happen. Eight years ago it launched a “plan” to cut emissions by 41% by … Continue reading

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