Take “action”: ask #Manchester Health Scrutiny Committee to examine #climate impacts

A new report on ‘eco-anxiety’ tells us what readers of MCFly already know – climate change is scary and is going to be a fustercluck of monumental proportions (already is in places like Chile).

Some readers will remember that last year the chair of the Health Scrutiny Committee of Manchester City Committee was lobbied to organise a report on the impacts of climate change on citizens’ health. And she said she would ask the committee

as Chair of Health, I am happy to suggest to the committee this be considered in our work programme either as a standalone, or joint committee piece of work to look at the specific challenge facing Manchester to ensure that we are doing our best to mitigate it.

And they said “nope.”

So, if you can be bothered, you can write to members of the Health Scrutiny Committee [here they are] asking them again. Something like

“Dear Councillor x,

do you understand there is a slow-motion apocalypse on its way And that Manchester City Council could and should be doing a lot more? And that this is a health emergency as well, one that the Health Scrutiny Committee needs to look at? Here’s an article about a recent report about the psychological impacts climate change is having, and will have.

We need to talk about “ecoanxiety”: Climate change is causing PTSD, anxiety, and depression on a mass scale

I ask you [insert word ‘respectfully’ if you can stomach it] to get the Health Scrutiny Committee to focus on this as a matter of supreme urgency.

I expect a reply to this email.

Thank you.

[insert name]

But on past showing, they will do nothing. That’s just how they roll. I personally don’t know how they look in the mirror in the morning, but there you have it.

You’d probably be better off trying to get something going with Manchester’s “activist” “community”. Yeah, um, right.


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