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Take “action”: ask #Manchester Health Scrutiny Committee to examine #climate impacts

A new report on ‘eco-anxiety’ tells us what readers of MCFly already know – climate change is scary and is going to be a fustercluck of monumental proportions (already is in places like Chile). Some readers will remember that last … Continue reading

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Scrutiny Week – May 2016. #Manchester Council and its #climate silence

Why doesn’t Manchester City Council put all its scrutiny committee meeting agendas on one web-page? Is it just their usual incompetence and indolence, or are they trying to make it that leeeetle bit harder for citizens to know what is … Continue reading

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Victory? #Manchester Health Scrutiny Committee to (maybe) look at #climate impacts

The Health Scrutiny Committee of Manchester City Council may look at the health consequences of climate change on Manchester’s people. This comes (only) after an open letter from Manchester Climate Monthly to the chair of that committee, Councillor Bev Craig … Continue reading

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