#Manchester Carbon Literacy debacle – no Senior Management Team take training

Manchester City Council has a ‘Senior Management Team’ made up of ten well-paid bureaucrats.  How many of them has done the ‘carbon literacy training’  that is supposed to help Manchester become a low carbon culture?  Well, in February the answer was 1 of the ten (take a bow Sara Todd).  We kept asking and the answer was still one.  And as of September 2nd?  The answer was, still one.

According to the reply to a Freedom of Information Act request [2 May 2017 and 2 September 2017.]

There has been no change to their status during this period.

That includes the new Chief Exec, btw.

No, currently Joanne Roney has not undertaken Carbon Literacy training but this will take place when the Senior Management Team have their training.

This is how leadership by example is done in Manchester. Bravo.


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