#Manchester Council stops throwing cash at so-called #climate “Agency”

First the good news:  after years of throwing 20 to 30 thousand pounds at the useless Manchester Climate Change “Agency” (we will come back to that), the City Council has… stopped.

Now the bad news – they’re still supplying two staff to the group, which is an unaccountable community interest company that stages truly  staggeringly  appalling talk(at) fests…

How much is the total bill for the Council’s support for this group?  In the past, they have refused to say.  Another Freedom of Information Act request has been submitted. Watch this space. Meanwhile, here are the answers to the last FoIA –


1. How much support is Manchester City Council giving the so-called Manchester Climate Change Agency in the financial year 2017-18

  1. In terms of cold hard cash

There has not been any funding in cash terms awarded to the Manchester Climate Change Agency.

  1. In terms of seconded staff

Two staff have been seconded to the Manchester Climate Change Agency from Manchester City Council.

  1. Other support

Mobile phone payments are covered by Manchester City Council.

2. When was that support agreed? By who?

Please provide copies of all documentation pertaining to this decision.

This was agreed for the financial year 2017-2018 by delegated decision agreed between the Deputy Chief Executive and the Executive Member for the Environment in discussion with the Head of Policy, Partnerships and Research. There is no formal documentation pertaining to this decision.

3. What success/impact metrics have been established to show value for money.

Manchester Climate Change Agency reports to its own independent Board of Directors. The latest documents relating to progress towards targets, the Annual Report, Accounts and Meeting Minutes can be found at: www.manchesterclimate.com/progress A report and presentation was also submitted to Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee in July 2017 and these are attached with this letter.

4. When will decisions for the year 2018-19 be made.

Discussions will take place at Senior Management level to decide on funding for Manchester Climate Change Agency before the next financial year.


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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2 Responses to #Manchester Council stops throwing cash at so-called #climate “Agency”

  1. Colour me surprised says:

    I clicked on the link they gave in answer to your question 3, as I wondered what progress had been made. None, apparently. They seemingly couldn’t even rustle up half a dozen bullet points of achievements or progress that they’ve made. Any interested parties have to click on links to wade through their annual reports to try to find out what the organisation committed to and whether they achieved that, in order to try to hold them accountable for the public funds/resources they’ve received.

    And interested parties are also invited “To find out what’s happening right now, check out our news and events pages.” But the items featured in the news and events sections seem to be a round-up of what other organisations are doing, events and activities other groups are hosting, not what Manchester Climate Change Agency is doing, information which seems to be lacking.

    As far as I can fathom, Manchester Climate Change Agency don’t seem to actually *do* anything, they just have a nice website that tells you what other people and organisations are doing.

    • you nailed it. The council refuses to ask whether it is getting value for money. Meanwhile, the Agency sings its own praises (duh!) and takes credit for saying what other people are doing. And when they do stage events, they are truly truly unbelievably bad.

      So it goes…

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